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    How to Lose Weight At Home

    Maintaining an ideal body weight is a dream for many. It is in fact important in order to prevent oneself from developing lifestyle diseases. If you have gained kgs this lockdown and want some really effective tips, you must not miss reading it further!

    How to Weight Loss?

    If you have gained weight during lockdown, you aren’t alone. A majority of people have put-on weight due to stay-at-home guidelines leading to binge eating and a sedentary lifestyle. It is essential to maintain an ideal weight not just to have a decent personality but also to prevent yourself from lifestyle diseases.

    When we talk about the most effective ways for weight loss, we may come across some really quick and easy methods, which may even give us temporary results, which don’t last forever. Thus, in order to remain fit and healthy, we must make some permanent changes in our lifestyle.

    So, read further only if you are ready to make some changes in your life. 

    Our body weight depends on many factors such as genetics, stress level, sleep cycle, eating habits and lifestyle. We can’t alter our genes, but can surely change our habits or routine. So, what we really have to focus on is improvising our diet and lifestyle. If you feel like it is impossible to lose weight in lockdown or without joining gym, I may prove you wrong, given that you sincerely follow the tips mentioned below. 

    Diet-Based Changes

    When it comes to weight-loss, diet plays an extremely important role. It isn’t just about what you eat, but also how you eat. Following tips will not just aid your weight-loss journey but also keep you healthy.  

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    Plan meals

    Salad Diet Meal

    The first and foremost habit you should develop is to plan your meals, or else you will end up consuming too much. How you are going to plan your meal will be based on your objective and your diet. It doesn’t end here. You also need to monitor your everyday- consumption, so you are cautious.  


    Give-up added sugar

    Sugary food contains a lot of calories, which only stores up fat in the body. Giving up sugar will also keep your insulin stable and help prevent diabetes.

    Yes, I know sugar is an essential component present in a lot of fruits and natural foods. That is why, you have to give-up “added sugar” which is present in sweets, deserts, packaged food and replace it with fruits like apple, papaya.

    Avoid refined carbs

    Refined carbs or simple carbs are those which are stripped off all fiber and nutrients. These include white bread, pasta, white flour, rice, sugary food and all forms of white food which most of us are addicted to. So, all you need to do is to replace ‘white’ with ‘brown’ and consume brown bread, rice etc. for a healthy diet.

    Low-calorie diet

    A low-calorie diet is usually between 800-1500 gm and is recommended for weight-loss as our weight is directly related to our calorie consumption. However, extremely low-calorie food can also lead to fatigue, nausea or constipation. Thus, you should consult your physician before following it and try to consume food that is more filling.

    Protein-rich diet

    A protein-rich diet has many benefits including muscle-building, weight loss and feeling of fullness after eating. For a protein-rich diet, you must eat pulses, dairy products and nuts like almonds. You should try to eat more of protein and less of carbs.

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    Eat slowly

    While you are eating, make sure you are away from all kinds of distractions. Your focus should completely be on your food and you must chew it well. Experts say we should chew 34 times before swallowing food. This is so because when food doesn’t get digested, it accumulates as fat. 

    Frequent but small portions

    Studies have shown that frequent and small meals help with weight loss instead of consuming heavy meals at once. So, try to have some healthy snack every 2-3 hours. It may include nuts, fruits, sprouts or anything you prefer.

    Platter system

    Do you know psychology plays an important role in losing weight. From now, use a small plate or bowl when having dinner. Also, fill 3/4th of your plate with veggies or protein-rich food and rest with chappati or rice. By this, you will feel full, while not adding to your weight.

    Go Green

    As much as Green is important for environment, it is important for our bodies. Green veggies (especially leafy) makes as an amazing weight-loss supplement due to its ‘high fiber’ and ‘low calories and carbs’ properties.

    Even if you aren’t a fan of green veggies, you will have to include it in your diet now.

    Read labels

    Another way of eating that will help you lose weight is to keep a check on labels when buying anything. You will find ‘nutrients’ mentioned on every food packet, through which you can know whether it is healthy for you or not and thus choose wisely.

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    Don’t store junk

    Lockdown has caused us to stay inside and binge eat. We simply eat anything we see stored up in our kitchens. Thus, it is important to shop cautiously. Instead of buying junk food, store healthy snacks for yourself, so that next time you grab healthy snack.

    Carry your snack

    Although you may not be travelling much amid covid-19, make sure you take along your snacks whenever you go next. It will help you keep control on your cravings for junk even if your friends choose to eat junk. 

    Lemon water

    Instead of drinking a high-calorie beverage, you can shift to lemon water. Apart from being appetizing, it is highly successful in weight-loss. Loaded with vitamin C, the drink is known to boost metabolism and detox body, therefore aiding weight loss. So, have it as the first thing in the morning.

    Green tea

    We Indians are addicted to tea. But that tea is unhealthy for us. Instead of normal or black tea, you should make a habit of consuming Green tea, which is known to boost metabolism and burn fat. Green tea can be consumed either after having meal or 30-minutes before it.


    Consume Seeds

    A number of seeds are known to possess health benefits. For weight-loss, the most effective are ‘Chia seeds’. Including it in your diet will help promote weight loss as these are high in fiber and keep your tummy full for longer.

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    Befriend warm-water

    Warm water is highly known to improve digestion, which prevents accumulation of fat in the body. Shifting from normal or cold water to warm water can genuinely help you lose weight. In summers, the least you can do is to have warm water as the first and last thing every day. Also, drink a glass of water every hour.

    Other Lifestyle Changes

    Since you’ve decided to lose weight, it is time to give-up your sedentary lifestyle and adopt an active one. Without giving up your comfort, you can never lose weight.


    Lockdown has called out for ‘social distancing’ not for ‘workout distancing’. Lol, just kidding. But not kidding! Even if you cannot go for a walk, you must do at least 10-15 minutes of exercise every day at your home. Some of the easiest yet highly effective ones are push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. Also, cardio is a must when it comes to weight-loss. For this, you can do skipping and HIIT.

    Practice Yoga

    Yoga is a traditional way of living life, that helps with respiratory as well as cardiovascular system. A lot of pranayams are directly connected with stomach, thus reducing belly fat. Apart from pranayams, one must do asanas to lose weight. Some of the best asanas for weight loss are Chaturangadandasana, Virabhadrasana, Trikonasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana ,Sarvangasana.


    There’s no direct link with meditating and losing weight, but there’s surely an indirect connection. Stress leads to over-eating or mindless eating, which causes weight gain. And meditation helps eliminate stress, promoting a healthier as well as happier life.

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    Cycle or walk

    Whenever you step out, try to substitute motor vehicles with cycle or walk. Modern lives have become so easier that we have given up our healthy lifestyle. Cycling and walking helps burn calories.

    Use stairs instead of the elevator

    New technologies and inventions have changed our habits and one such is taking elevators on metro-stations, malls and even apartments. If you really want to lose weight, you just need to make these small changes in your life and you will succeed!

    Do household chores

    It doesn’t matter if you cannot step out! At least that’s not an excuse you can give yourself to lie on bed the entire day. You surely can keep yourself active by engaging in household chores. It will ensure both, completion of work as well as burning calories.

    Quality sleep

    Sleep is yet another factor related to weight gain. Over-sleeping can make you gain weight. But even lack of sleep can do so. Thus, you must aim at having a quality sleep for 7-8 hours every day and at scheduled timings.

    Don’t be a night owl

    If you are someone who stays awake till late night, you already know why I’ve mentioned this point. Those late-night cravings make us put all those junk into our tummies, that lead to weight-gain. It is thus suggested to have dinner between 7-8 PM and sleep on time. 

    Don’t give up

    Last but not the least, Don’t give up! You may feel like you aren’t losing weight, but in actual you may be! But if you choose to give up early, you may not succeed. So, be patient and work consistently. And as I said, make these lifestyle changes permanent.

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    Weight loss can’t happen without self-realization. Do not try to lose weight just because someone is calling you chubby or fat or obese. Go for it only if you believe you are fat and should lose weight.

    If this blog helps you, do share your weight-loss journey in comments below.

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