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    Did Sushant Singh Rajput Commit Suicide OR NEPOTISM Killed Him?

    The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput has left a vacuum in the lives of his loved ones Officials call it suicide but fans call it murder by nepotism of Bollywood Industry. So, was it a murder? Read out to figure out.


    Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging in his Bandra, Mumbai residence on 14th June. He left for the heavenly abode without leaving any suicide note. However, his sister confirmed that he had been undergoing treatment for depression from past six months. Since then there has been a flood of tweets and posts about mental health and depression. His death has caused a deep void in the lives of his loved ones including his fans, with whom he loved to stay connected. 


    The 34-year-old star’s suicide has also caused rage among his fans who are calling his suicide, a murder by Nepotism of Bollywood industry. 

    His fans also blamed star kids for mocking him and never really accepting him in the industry. They called Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan among others as people with double-standards. Here’s what subjected them to the rage:

    Karan Johar questioned Alia if she would want to KILL, MARRY or HOOK UP with Sushant Singh. Alia chose to KILL him.

    Shah Rukh mocked Sushant on film fare set for his name as well as dancing. 

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    Sushant’s fans have largely asked to boycott films and actors with godfathers (mostly the Kapoors and Khans) and support self-made ones.


    In a recent video of Kangana Ranaut, which went viral on social media, Kangana calls Sushant’s suicide a ‘planned murder’ and hits out on people who called him mentally weak for committing suicide. She further told how she is considered weak and reminded that she may lose the battle. But she chooses to fight, and unfortunately Sushant couldn’t. She also expressed about the nepotism of film industry with which worthless films like ‘Gully boy’ starring star-kids gets hit, and some really deserving ones don’t, just because it is produced by those with no godfathers.


    The 34-year-old Bollywood star wasn’t a star kid. He had been a student of engineering and scored AIR 7 in the Delhi College of Engineering Entrance Examination. Despite his excellence in academics, he chose to pursue his passion in dancing and acting following his dropout from college. He also acted as Manav in Pavitra Rishta, with which he won the heart of his fans. The actor burned the midnight oil to enter the Bollywood industry. Some of his most successful films are MS Dhoni: The untold story and Chhichhore among others. His acting skills and attitude won millions of hearts, however there was something that never let him survived, and it was the Nepotism of the film industry.


    Nepotism Example
    Image Credit: Saudi Gazette

    Nepotism is a practice of favouring friends, relatives for any influential position instead of any outsider who might better deserve. Nepotism is deeply embedded in Indian culture, especially renowned industries like Bollywood, where the sons and daughters of godfathers directly get a chance to work in films while the common people, or those without any back support have to struggle a lot to reach at the same position.


    The suicide by Sushant doesn’t seem to be an instant decision, he had actually given some hints about how depressed he was with life. During the past months and years, he has expressed his pain through poems, pictures and words. But unfortunately, we failed to understand and prevent him from taking this step.

    The following posts say about his sorrowful journey before leaving for heavenly abode:

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    -His last Instagram picture posted on June 3, is a collage of his and his late mother’s picture with a painful caption wherein he talks about his life negotiating between his tearful past and unending dreams. 

    -Actor Sushant Singh had expressed his sorrow of not being accepted as a family in the industry. He also mentioned that he was not invited in parties organised by veteran actors.

    -In 2018, he had posted a hand-written poem for mother that showed he was unhappy with life.


    -He talked about the existence of nepotism and how it doesn’t allow the real talent to come out.

    -He was left speechless when Shah Rukh Khan mocked him in an award show. 

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    -In an interview he mentioned he just have two friends as he believed most actors don’t find him interesting

    -A viral screenshot shows how he was requesting a fan to watch his movies for him to survive in the Industry with deeply embedded nepotism.


    Mixed reactions came from celebrities on account of Sushant’s suicide. Some expressed deep shock and grief and some regretted not being with him when he needed someone to comfort him and accept him in the world full of fake people. 

    Below are the reactions of a few celebrities:

    Kriti Sanon shared their pictures and wrote a long message expressing her grief, ending with that she will never stop praying for his happiness. 

    Shah Rukh khan shared a picture with him stating Sushant loved him so much and he would miss him.

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    The tweet was largely criticized by fans for what he wants to prove by mentioning he was loved by Sushant, and that the picture he posted was downloaded from internet.

    Sonam Kapoor captioned his picture with “I hope you find peace”

    Karan Johar posted a picture with Sushant on Instagram blaming himself for not being in contact with him and that he would miss his smile and hugs.

    Alia Bhatt expressed condolences for his family and fans and wrote his death has left her in a deep state of shock.

    • Priyanka Chopra wrote a touching message remembering their memories 


    We can’t get Sushant Singh back, but what we definitely can do is to prevent people around us from taking such harsh steps. In a world full of fakeness and nepotism, one is likely to feel depressed and isolated. What we as individuals can do is to identify changing behavioural patterns of people, talking to them about their problems, encouraging and helping them to fight, and accepting them the way they are instead of bitching about them or making them feel secluded. 

    Whether he committed suicide or it was Bollywood’s Nepotism that killed him, the article says it all. All we hope now is that this message helps save at least one life!

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