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    Yogurt vs Curd: Differences, Uses and Benefits

    Curd and Yogurt are often confused as same in India. While some consider yogurt as a western concept, others are clueless about the difference. If you are also confused between the two, read further.

    Yogurt vs Curd

    No, you are not the only one who considers curd and yogurt the same or doesn’t know the difference between the two. A lot of us, especially Indians often confuse between the two. Even I, myself considered both as the same until I found ‘Mango Yogurt’ in a departmental store and bought it home. Let me tell you, the two aren’t very different, but there is a thin line that makes them stand apart.

    How is Yogurt different from Curd?

    Curd or Dahi is an integral part of our Indian staple. We consume it on daily basis, with paratha or rice.

    Yogurt is an essential component of healthy diet, it is usually consumed separately and as flavoured. Although it is a western-originated concept, it has become popular in India recently.


    Curd is prepared at home by adding a little amount of already prepared curd into warm milk. It is left for fermentation for 8-12 hours, after which it is refrigerated and consumed. Our mothers and grandmothers also leave a small amount of it to make it again.

    Yogurt is an industrial concept as it requires specific bacteria in order to be produced. To make yogurt, you need two specific strains of bacterias namely Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophiles. Thus, it is not possible to make it at home.

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    Curd is usually consumed un-flavoured. Some people may also add salt or sugar to it, based on their preference. Curd can taste a little sour, also depending on when one is having it. The later you consume, sour it will become.

    Yogurt, on the other hand, is generally flavoured. It is sold in stores in different varieties such as blueberry yogurt, raspberry yogurt, Greek yogurt, pro-biotic etc. So, it tastes according to the flavour.


    Curd may have a little fluid-like texture and is found in piece-like structures.

    Yogurt, however is more creamy and thick and it can’t be divided in pieces.

    Nurtition Value

    Curd is not a standardized product as it is made differently home to home. So, the nutritional values vary according to the milk and previous curd used. In general, it contains as many vitamins as in the milk used. A medium bowl of curd also contains 3-4 g protein.

    Yogurt is a standardized product as it is produced in industries. The nutritional values therefore remain the same every time. Yogurt is more nutritious than curd as it contains approx. 11 g protein in every medium bowl.

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    Health Benefits

    Curd is known to have a cooling effect and is effective inregulating the digestive system. A person suffering with constipation, acidity or any other digestive issues is advised to have curd everyday along with meals.

    Yogurt is effectively known to aid weight loss as it is rich in protein. To avail the maximum benefits, you should consult your dietician and consume it in advised quantity.

    It is also an excellent source of protein and calcium for those who can’t tolerate lactose. Since the lactose is broken and converted into lactic acid, people who can’t consume milk and other supplements can be benefitted from it.


    Curd has multiple uses. From benefitting the digestive system to face and hair, it is a miracle for our lifestyle.

    Yogurt on the other hand, is suitable only for consumption and not for application or DIY masks.

    Curd for Skin and Hair

    Curd is a natural ingredient known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with pimples, reduce scars, bumps and reduce tanning. It has cooling properties that can prevent or fight dandruff and make hair more smooth and shiny.

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    Here’s how you can use it as masks:

    Curd + Gram Flour + Termeric

    All the three, curd, gram flour and turmeric are known for skin-lightening and tan removing properties that can give a new glow to your skin and improve its texture and complexion. 

    To make this mask, add half cup gram flour into one cup of curd and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it n your face, wash after 20-30 minutes and use it once in a week.

    Curd + Honey

    Both curd and honey are known to be amazing moisturizers. These can nourish your scalp and help you get flawless hair. 

    To make this mask, add three tbsp honey into one cup of curd and mix the two well. Now apply it on your scalp (You can apply it on your hair too), leave it for an hour and wash it off with cool water. Use it once a week to get rid of dandruff and have smooth and shiny hair.

    How to consume curd and yogurt

    Yogurt and Curd, both are equally important for human digestion and overall health and thus, we must include at least one of these in our everyday diet.

    A bowl of curd can be added in your every day diet. Try to consume it only in the morning as it can give really great benefits to your digestion. You can have it along with your morning meal or lunch. However, you should try to consume it plain and not by adding sugar.

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    You must not consume curd at night, especially if you have cold or cough as it may worsen the condition.

    You must choose yogurt wisely to avail maximum health benefits. Try to get un-flavoured one as it may not have added sugar. Also, make sure you have it in correct portion size. (As recommended by your dietician and goal.)


    Curd and Yogurt are different by method of preparation and health benefits. However, both of these are excellent for human consumption and one must include it in his or her diet.

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