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    20 Easy & Simple Hairstyles for Girls

    Hair styling in the morning is a dream for most of the women with busy schedules. Now say bye-bye to your everyday hairstyle because here are the top 20 easy yet popular hairstyles with step by step guide.


    No matter how dazzling your outfit is, it’s incomplete without a chic hairstyle. Hair is a reflection of your personality and cannot be missed out no matter how late you are turning. Whether you are getting ready for your school/college/office or glamming up for a date or a club-party, flaunting your hairstyle goes without saying.

    We have curated a list of 20 Hairstyles that will fit every occasion and every hair length. And,  the best part about it is that no matter how you are lazy, you can easily copy these styles in less than ten minutes; for your assistance, we have categorized them and mentioned steps alongside:

    Open Hair Styles

    We Indian girls, just love keeping our hair loose. But isn’t ‘side’ and ‘middle’ parting way too boring? Here’s how you can keep your hair open and still not stick to the old style.

    Bohemian Twist

    If you are a beginner but keen to learn hairstyles, this one is perfect for you, and undoubtedly lovely! Side-part your hair, and start twisting a portion of hair from the larger side of the parting. Keep twisting it upwards, while adding another portion of hair to it. Continue it till it reaches your temple. Once done, start twisting the remaining hair downwards. And , secure it with an elastic when it reaches the end. To add volume, pinch hair strands from the braid.

    Side Pins

    The easiest yet worth stealing , no matter what hair- length you have. Part down your hair , either from the middle or side, whichever suits your face. Now comb your hair really well and grab your favourite pins. And stack 2-4 tic-tac pins little above your left ear( if you’ve side parted from right). And if you’ve parted your hair form the middle, stack 2 pins on one side each, above your ears. And you are all set. You can wear this hairstyle whenever to your classes or casual meetings.

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    Twist and Pin

    If you feel you cannot style your hair because it’s short, this hairstyle will prove your wrong.

    Part down hair from side of your head and take an inch portion from one of the two sides. Now twist it, moving it away from your face. Secure it using bobby pins, one diagonally and another towards the opposite direction, to get an ‘X’.

    Bandana Hair

    For this, Bandana or a hairband is all you need. Comb your hair backwards and place a bandana after rolling up. Stretch it up from behind your eara and make a knot on the top. And it’s done!!

    Side-Twists Hairstyle

    Divide your hair into two, from the middle. Take one side of the hair and take a small portion of it which is next to the parting. Twist and turn it backwards and stack a pin. Take another portion of hair which is next to it, and do the same with it. Make as many portions as you can. And follow the same on the other side of the parting. Now, brush the hair from backwards. And you can wear this hairstyle anywhere, may it be your school, college or a party.

    Flower Style

    Gather a section of hair from both the sides of your hair and braid them from front to back. Now hold back both the braids and form then into a flower by rolling them and tweaking slight sections. Brush the hair from back and you are all set for your party!

    Flower Style Hair

    Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

    The most popular waterfall braid is not difficult if you make it this way:

    Waterfall Hairstyle

    Take a large portion of hair at the front, and divide it into three different strands. Take the last strand and cross it over the middle one. Now take the front strand and place it on to the middle. While taking the next back strand, add a little portion of hair this time. Cross this as well as the new strand. You may clip the front strand and leave it to avoid any confusion. Cross this new section over the middle. Follow the same pattern, leaving the front strand and taking up a new portion. Do it till the back of your head and secure it using an elastic.

    No Heat Curls

    Curls are love, especially if you have long hair. But, what if it comes at the cost of your hair? A big NO! So now curl your hair without heat using the method stated below:

    Part your hair from the middle, dividing it into two sections. Now, braid each section tightly and secure it the help of an elastic. Blow dry your hair and remove the elastic. Un-braid your hair and let it loose by itself. Now, run fingers gently from top to the length of the hair. Your natural-looking waves are all set without using heat.

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    Try these out for a casual school/college look, attending weddings, and vacations!

    Ponytail hairstyles

    If you are someone who feels annoyed with open-hair, these two ponytail hairstyles maybe mesmerizing options for you!

    Bubble Ponytail (Jasmine Ponytail)

    Bubble ponytail is a cute and funky hairstyle which can be made in less than five minutes and looks simply beautiful. Make a ponytail out of your hair and grab the hair. Now secure another elastic just little below , to make it look like a bubble. Tug , and tweak hair strands to give a fuller look.

    bubble - princess jasmine style hair

    High Pony Tail

    High ponytail is a dream of every girl. But not many are able to fulfill with the usual ponytail method. But the method below stated with definitely help you achieve the look you desire.

    High Ponytail Hairstyle

    Part hair from both the sides above your ears and separate your hair into two, the upper section with less hair and the lower voluminous section. Now make a really high pony tail from the upper section. Once done, make a high pony out of the lower section in a manner that your lower pony is covered partly with the hair of upper one.

    Pony tail is a great option for formal as well as casual meetings. From school to the office , you can wear these hairstyles anywhere and may become your all-time favourite!

    Braid hairstyles

    Braid is a popular Punjabi hairstyle option that may help you stand out from your peers. And it literally adds on to our look. The following are some unique braid styles, some of which even allow you to keep your hair open.

    Side-Braid Hairstyle

    If you’re someone who doesn’t like keeping hair open and not a messy-bun person, then this may become your all-time favourite pony style. Side-part your hair and braid one side now take along the braid with your remaining hair and simply tie it with a rubber hand.

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    Side Braid Hairstyle

    Braid Tail Hairstyle

    Braid tail is an elegant and formal hairstyle which can be worn in office meetings along with Shirt and trousers. Middle-part your hair. Take one side of your hair and make a normal braid from the front to the back of your hair. Put 1-2 pins to secure. And repeat the same on the other side. Now brush your hair and hold them all together by wrapping a rubber band.

    Side French Hairstyle

    Even though a little time consuming, but worth it. Part your hair from the side and divide it into 3 pieces. Now add a portion from the inside to the braid. After getting to the neck part, proceed with a normal braid. Make a braid with the other section of the hair. Twist the two sections of the hair, then pin it up at the back, and you are all set for your tour!

    Side French Hairstyle

    Easy Hairband Braid

    Are you missing a hairband? You need not worry anymore. Brush all your hair backwarda and take the bottom-most section of your hair. Make a normal braid out of that small section behind both the ears. Now comb your hair well, from front to the back, and hold it back tight.

    Easy Hairband Braid Style

    You can use a rubber band for the time being. Hold one braid and take it on to the other side from over your head. Ensure that it is a little below the center. And, do the same with other braids. Secure it by pins on the tails behind the ears. This hairstyle is even suitable for girls with short-hair length.

    Braid hairstyles can literally be worn anywhere. From school/ college/ office to parties and weddings. So do not think before trying it, no matter where you wish to go.

    Bun Hairstyles

    Hair bun is a centuries-old traditional hairstyle. But recently, it has emerged with a variety of styles and variations, giving it a western look.

    Effortless Messy Bun

    If you have medium-long hair, it is worth giving a try! Side part your hair into two, and pull out your flicks from both sides. Curl them a little by rolling and twisting on your fingers. Comb the remaining hair backside and wrap around a rubber band.

    Messy Bun Hairstyle

    Brush the hair to make them fluffy and twist and turn them until it forms like a bun. Shape it the way you desire and secure with a couple of bobby pins. Now, tweak out some hair from the top and sides, and you are all set for your college.

    Easy Space Buns Hairstyle

    Aren’t these buns really funky? As it isn’t difficult to create this look! All you need to have is medium-long hair, two elastic hair ties and some bobby pins. Split your hair into two and tie one side with a rubber band to avoid it from messing up.

    Space Bun Hairstyle

    Now brush the other side really well and pull out some front pieces. Now, hold the remaining hair and take it as high as possible. Fold the hair half, twist it around and secure it with hair tie. You’ll find it ridiculous, and you need not to worry. Start shaping it like a bun now, by stacking bobby pins and form it like a bun. Now repeat the same on the other side of the parting.

    Voluminous Bun Hairstyle

    If you are someone with thin hair and often complaint of not being able to make an attractive and voluminous bun, you need not to worry now.

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    Volume Bun Hairstyle

    All you need to have is a bun maker or an old socks and wrap the hair around it. Don’t have it? We have an alternative for you. Make a high pony tail and split it into three and twist all the three layers round, one by one. Secure with bobby pins.

    Braided Top-Knot

    Braided Top-Knot is another classic bun style perfect for all times.

    Braided Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

    Simply make a high pony and braid it. Make it voluminous by pulling tweaks. Now, twist the braid and roll it until it forms a bun. You are all set!

    Half Bun Hairstyle

    Weeks back, half pun was flooded on social media. And even now, it’s in trend.

    Half Bun Hairstyle

    Divide your hair in two, upper section and lower section. Now make a pony out of the upper section. Simply roll the pony into a bun and tweak out hair strands to give it a volume.

    Braided Bun Hairstyle

    Take a small section of your hair from the front, and divide it into three parts. Now, braid the hair once and start making a lace braid, adding new portions of the hair to the bottom part. Wrap your hair with braid and secure it using an elastic or a band. Now make a messy bun with the remaining hair. Secure it using bobby pins and use hair spray to set it.

    Braided Bun Hairstyle

    Bun is an all-purpose hairstyle, which is now a popular choice for college- goers as well as working women.

    No other hairstyle can give you comfort more than a classic bun.

    We hope this helps you pickup your ideal hairstyle for every occasion. Do try these out and comment down which of them worked out as the best for you. And, if there’s any hairstyle you believe we missed out, but is worth being a part of this list, do let us know.

    You can also write to us in case of any queries or suggestions.

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